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Know the Alt Emporda from the Air



The christening flight or initiation flight is an activity designed for people with no experience on micro light flights. During the tour (with pilot) you can enjoy the incredible views that offers l’Alt Empordà and its coast. We offer different routes depending on the flight lasted.

  •  20 minutes overfly Cala Montgó, l’Escala and les Ruïnes d’Empúries
  • 30 minutes overfly Les Ruïnes d’Empúries, l’Escala, Cala Montgó, les Illes Medes and back to Viladamat it overfly Castell de Montgrí
  •  60 minutes is a tour that overflies the Empordà and the Costa Brava until the Cap de Creus or to the south, until Palamós.

    *If you want to overfly an area not included in those tours it can be requested.

High Season

2 hotel night’s Double room,

Accommodation and breakfast

Flight (to choose) 1 person:

1.       293 € (20 minutes flight)

2.       320€ (30 minutes flight )

3.       388€ (60 minutes flight)

Romantic dinner for 2 people 75€





Low Season

1 Hotel night, with doble room with breakfast

Flight (to choose ) 1 person:

  1. 156€ (20 minuts)
  2. 183€ (30 minuts)
  3. 250€ (60 minuts)

Romantic Dinner for 2 persona 75€ (optional) 



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