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Sant Pere Pescador, village with 1.710 habitants, with an extension of 17,80 km2 in "Golf de Roses". The beach, "Aiguamolls de l'Empordà" and Fluvià river, which one cross the village, are in Natural Park "Aiguamolls de l'Empordà". This is the only location where you can find 6km beach with dunes and thin sand.

Principal economy income becomes from agriculture and tourism. 70 % of the active population is employed at modern agricultural developments. The apple is the principal element of agrarian production and is recognized by his quality.

Sant Pere Pescador is a suitable place to do all kinds of sports. In the beach you can do a lot of activities like: windsurf, caiac, catamaran, kitesurf, etc... Simultaneously, the big extensions of green spaces and forests offer the possibility of practising the hiking, the riding or long ways in bicycle. The step of the river Fluvià gives to the municipality the natural unique place where to take delight of a relaxing day of fishing surrounded with the unique and singular environment.
Here are a details on diffrents routes that you can enjoy, by cycling or walkings, from our town:


-Route of Aiguamolls, l'Escala and the Corts.
-Route of fluvià.
-Route of  l'Escala - Empúries until Fluvià.



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